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Merchant Processing for the Globe and accepting High Risk

MoneyPoolsCash – USDT Global Accepted Businesses including the following High Risk Merchants: Products and Services Accepted: 1. Airlines 2. Online Travel Aggregators (OTAs) 3. Ticketing agencies 4. Auctions 5. Marketplaces, including Crowdfunding, and On-Demand Services 6. Dropshipping 7. Pawn Shops 8. Lawyers & Legal Services 9. Securities Brokers & Investments of any kind, such as: Securities Currencies Derivatives Commodities Shares Foreign currencies Options Other financial instruments 10. Gold and precious metal dealers (physical or online) 11. Synthetic or non-traditional Securities, including CFD brokers or dealers 12. Cryptocurrencies including cryptocurrency exchanges 13. Charities or Not-For-Profit Organisations 14. Online dating services 15. Fantasy sports league, e-sports gaming or tournaments 16. Games of skill where participants receives cash or cash-equivalent prizes 17. Selling of likes and followers for social media (Instagram, Youtube, Facebook etc) 18. Video game or virtual world credits 19. Private medical practice and/or online doctor consultation (e-doctor) 20. Products or services related to religious, political or social campaigning 21. Travel Leisure Services 22. Commodity and agricultural products 23. B2B Commerce 24. Insurance 25. Schools 26. Governments, States, Municipalities, Civil Servant payments, Tax collection, Bill Pay, Licenses & Renewals 27. Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) 28. Real Estate 29. Hard & Soft Commodities 30. Corporate, SME – Employee payments, commissions, billing