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About Us

About Us

What is MoneyPoolsCash? Inclusive Capitalism starts with FREE banking and Payments! MoneyPoolsCash is a Blockchain HyperLedger and fiat cashapp, Low fees, safe, compliant, a better future. We make online payments, remittance, exchange, cash agents, recharge possible for anyone, anywhere, at anytime. Whether you need to recharge your gaming, or entertainment credit. MoneyPoolsCash is the future of finance for Africa and 180 countries worldwide. Join the MoneyPools Technology Network exclusive for USD$ MoneyPoolsCash LIQUID BANKING IS SMARTER MoneyPools Cash is an innovative and user friendly fiat and Blockchain decentralized finance web3 powered cashapp offering services for organizations and individuals to bank and make payments with ease and convenience of 100% liquidity, instant Cash! MoneyPoolsCash user’s have access to forty Blockchains with easy on/off ramp from fiat/crypto and swaps low fees. USD stable and gold stable backed virtual currencies in sixty of the most populous currencies and commodities.

Global CashApp Network Covering 180 Countries 125 currencies

Inclusive Capitalism Means Free Banking and Merchant Services

  • We Service High Risk Personal Clients and New or existing Businesses looking to access the global economy.

  • Globally accessible and low barrier of entry Banking and Finance are a part of UN Sustainable Development Goal of bringing cross-border remittance costs down by 2030 a reality today.

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