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MoneyPools Cash secondary network offers advanced fintec social media, e-commerce, agriculture tech, healthcare tech, logistics, metaverse/vr, advertising, More

MoneyPools Cash secondary network offers advanced fintec social media, e-commerce, agriculture tech, healthcare tech, logistics, metaverse/vr, advertising, insurance, encrypted communications, and connected together in a vertical network. MPC benefits the global population, empowering women, new entrepreneurs, monetizing influencers, empowering global markets.

Some Features of MoneyPoolsCash:

FX and Cryptocurrency Exchangers, P2P, OTC, Swaps With hundreds of ways globally to exchange p2p traders will appreciate the simplicity and efficiencies of our technologies, from swap, to exchange to liquidity, we offer financial traders low fees and the technology to be a local money business service.

Personal Accounts
Our personal account for free, with no monthly account fees no over draft fees, actually we don’t have many fess included for you both savings and checking accounts which are designed for regular transactions and crypto wallets.

We also offer virtual credits, currencies and access to our technology network, that you can use within the systems. Donation system, investment opportunities, raises money for personal or needs carry large or small sums of money secretly and safely.

Business Accounts
Business account enables any entrepreneur who wants to start a business or existing business to immediately have payment processing, private video meetings, financial services, accounting, payroll tools, everything that’s needed to track your business transactions and help monitor your business’s profitability.

With no charge backs and instant credit and withdrawals allowing business to thrive in a low fee environment. Payments Services MoneyPools Cash is also a payment service provider that assists persons and businesses to accept and remit a wide range of online payment methods, fiat exchange to hundreds of Cryptocurrencies, virtual currency e-wallets, peer to peer exchange, local agent systems, cash cards, mobile money, phone credit, gift cards, fundraising, donations, investment offerings and more.

MoneyPools Cash will ensure customer’s transactions make it from point A to point B, safely and securely, with extremely low fees and instant liquidity to your capital. MoneyPools Cash is a frictionless financial provider, 100% liquid neobank allowing clients instant high value transactions.

Time and Pay Management
Time and Pay management system is a web-based, fully-mobile time and payroll solution. Components include powerful, yet easy to use time clocks, staff and management time cards with full data exporting to the payroll module. Approve time cards in no-time and reduce the time spent working on your payroll as well as eliminating costly data entry errors and the need to manually cut adjustment checks.

Accounting System
Accounting system is available to our business customers. This built in accounting application software enable business to record and process accounting transactions within functional modules such as accounts payable, accounts receivable, journal, general ledger, payroll, and trial balance. It is an accounting information system. Why choose us Get paid immediately with direct deposits feature. With direct deposit, payroll funds clear instantly, giving you immediate access to your hard-earned cash.

We understand the needs of our customers, respect them, and offer relevant service. Gaining our customer’s trust is important to us as a company and we plan to earn our customers’ trust.