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MoneyPoolsCash Virtual networks and Liquid Blockchain web3

Multiple virtual Currencies backed by peg USD: Euro, NGN, HKD, CAD, XAF, many more. Low transaction fees Low merchant payment fees Low exchange fees Low agent fees No Chargeback fees No hold on funds Escrow Services Instant Credit of funds USDC Stable tokens, regulated, highly liquid and backed by USD Cash Fiat only MoneyPoolsCash Clientele: Users wishing to access to the MoneyPoolsCash technology network for our technology in commerce, gaming, business, social media, healthcare, logistics, agriculture, education, much more all functioning on MoneyPoolsCash payments. Free e-shops, free banking, and lots of free proprietary technology so that MoneyPoolsCash will help even the financial playing field for billions of the unbanked persons and merchants. The global online financial marketplace is estimated to be around $45 Trillion dollars a year; MoneyPoolsCash is focused on opening access to millions of individuals stuck from developing due to lack of financial technology or capital. Citizens of countries across the globe who want a US Dollar pegged currency to operate locally in their country for all purposes. High Risk Merchants, who are paying extremely high fees and slow payment windows, chargeback fees, while at the same time most ventures being denied by most processors or have been banned. Features: How MoneyPoolsCash Generates Revenues: 1) Transaction & Cryptocurrency Fees 2) Card Issuance Fees. 3) Agent Commissions. 4) Gift/E-voucher Redemption fees. 5) Exchanges between virtual currencies 6) Stake Loans services 7) Stake deposit savings Feature List: Virtual Debit Cards Visa/Mastercard backed by Cryptocurrencies – Soon Crypto Wallet with P2P Exchange and Trade Buy Crypto with ATM/Credit Card Payment Card NETWORK P2P Crypto and Virtual Credits exchange secured with escrow Withdraw to Cash Payments Gift / E-vouchers Agent E-vouchers Agent can now order bill vouchers and in currencies they have balance in locally for cash on and off ramp, advanced agent geo-location search system with maps. Agent Login Progress Web Apps and Native for Android & iOS Instore Multi Currency Printable QR codes. Virtual Bank Accounts Branded International Virtual Debit Cards Payment Gateway Professional Rest API Donation Buttons, Payment Link, QR Code, Community Page Investments Multi Currency Support (USD, Euro, Swiss, INR, HK$, AUD$, JPY top 15+) Multi-use Wallet Global Airtime / Mobile Money Topup Load funds via USDT Payment Gateway Business Accounts with add on card option. KYC/AML – US OFAC compliant database, IP Geo-blocking Merchant services – API, Payment Buttons and QR code payments. Accounting & Invoicing Features Bank virtual accounts. Real Time FX Trading with Meta Trader 5. Multi Language Options Powered by Google Translate